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Unbeatable Poker offers poker players a method for achieving poker mastery. Unlike other poker books, Unbeatable Poker breaks down the same range across twenty-four flop types and close to fifty different flops. Each chapter in the book examines one board type and shows how to play that board using a base range called the Nit100. This should cover some 80% of all possible flops.

By breaking the range into betting, check-folding, check-calling, or check-raising on each flop, Unbeatable Poker describes a robust and unexploitable strategy that anyone can learn. Not only can anyone learn it, but once learned, this strategy can be utilized effectively at any stakes. In addition to flops, the turn section of the book gives a general overview for how to approach every turn card, how each card on the turn effects the range, and what an unexploitable turn strategy looks like.

The philosophy of Unbeatable Poker is that it is never too early to develop high level poker skills. Since the game gets progressively more difficult each year, starting to understand and utilize an unexploitable strategy should be a player’s highest priority. Not only to avoid losing to skilled players, but more importantly, to fully understand how to exploit others by knowing what an equilibrium strategy looks like. After studying and integrating Unbeatable Poker, readers will have a framework for building a top tier poker game that no one can beat.

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